We all were a part of Seth’s grief process.

I think I’ll never fully accept Hook. Not because of Emma, I don’t really care about her, if they are happy fine, but I will never get over the fact that Neal had to die so these two could be together u.u

Peter Capaldi, photograph by Jason Alden


I’m getting to be the worst DA viewer ever. I’m not sure I heard one actual word Simon Bricker said last night. This is all I heard.

CORA: I’m not Anna.

BRICKER: I’m not Bates.

CORA: You’re not Bates are you?.

BRICKER: No, not Bates. 

CORA: Maybe we’ll see Anna after this scene.

BRICKER: I doubt will see Anna or Bates anymore today. 

CORA: Oh look, here comes my husband, Bates’s boss. 




I think I just watched the best movie ever made

I think I just watched the best movie ever made


Steal her look “carmelita salinas”

Gianni Versace Couture Turquoise skirt suit $569
DKNY blue sequins blouse $120
Miu Miu glitter heels $312
MAC Retro Matte Lipstick $69
Vintage jewerly


Rumbelle touching foreheads.